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2012 In Review

2012-2013And so goes another year. CES is just around the corner, with new toys aplenty, and with a new year comes another 12 months of developer conferences, product announcements, and updates.

But before we embark on all that, here's what I've had to live through during 2012. There are sharp criticisms to be had, but each one of them is only that much more a window of potential success.

The Second Share

Social SharingWhile current online marketing doesn't completely replace traditional marketing, in fact many of its tenets are still the old ones just re-imagined; there is one area where the former really diverges from the latter: the priority of the second share.

Marketing campaigns in print, television, radio, and on signs aim to make an impression on the immediate viewer. But online marketing isn't just about making an impression on the viewer. It has to urge the viewer to forward your content or advertisement to someone else, and then to send it to yet another someone else.

The Free iPad Ploy

Extra iPadsSo during this holiday season people ordered some new tech gadgets from Best Buy. A new iPad to put under the tree, sure to make somebody very happy.

So imagine their surprise when upon arrival the delivery box didn't just contain one iPad, but five?

And this wasn't just an isolated incident.

So was this an honest mistake, or perhaps a keen marketing ploy?

New Categories!

Keep Calm and Read OnCan't find your favorite article? Don't fret, it hasn't been deleted. Just moved.

It has been a pleasure to notice that there are many, many blog posts ranging on a variety of topics; too many to keep in just one section.

So now there exist a handful of categories in which you can find past articles. The most recent entries will remain here on the blog main page for easy-access, but for anything weeks old you'll now find them under their relevant category.

Thanks for reading, and keep checking back every week for new articles!

"Even a little bit of work, done long enough, becomes a mighty feat."

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