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Asking the Right Questions

Asking the right questionIn business we have specific objectives to meet certain goals. As such, we attempt to isolate the problem into a focused question, deduce an answer, and then find ways to best execute that answer.

"How do I reach more people?" becomes "How do I get more attention on Facebook" becomes "How do I get more Likes on Facebook?"

Fair questions, all. But what if even after arriving at that last question, it was still the wrong one to be asking?

Things To Be Thankful For

Black Friday MemeThere's always something to be thankful for, and in the tech & gadget world every year brings some new set of toys. We all have our smartphones, tablets, computers, and WiFi connected toasters, but let us just stop for a moment and take proper perspective of things.

3 Social Marketing Myths

Marketing MythsSocial marketing is important; enough has been said on the matter. Executing that marketing however is a more nuanced affair. It isn't simply a matter of "doing it," there has to be a clear goal in mind, with an overarching ethos and objectives that align with that.

It might sound haughty, especially compared to actual real-life social interaction. But compare "making friends" with "business networking." One is done casually and on a whim, the other is far more determined and precise.

The problem is despite the social nature of social marketing too many SMM approaches think it is just about making friends. Let's address that misconception.

The Social Glue

Social GlueHumans are social creatures, and we seek to build those social bonds through the quickest and most efficient ways possible. Without strength of numbers we never would have survived the wilderness, and together we have come quite far.

But if social gathering is the result, what was the cause? What drives people to attract, and more importantly to stick together?

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