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Tone It Down

WritingThe right tone is important. If it's off the music just doesn't sound quite right. And when you're speaking to somebody, the wrong tone can completely twist the meaning of your words.

Speak too softly and you'll be painted as accusing and secretive, too enunciating and you'll be construed as condescending.

True, these assumptions have a lot to do with the context of the physical situation. But just because there is no bodily presence or audible voice doesn't mean that there is no tone on the Web. If anything, it is doubly more important there.

What Scams Can Teach Us About Keywords

The LIMU Company LogoSo I received an email today from The LIMU Company asking if I was interested in becoming one of their sellers. Of course, this in itself took a fair deal of coercion to even reveal the name of the company.

That alone was a huge red flag, but I wanted to know more. As it turns out, they're just another pyramid-scheme scam. That should come as no surprise.

But what cemented that fact was how well they addressed their search engine marketing (SEM).

The Importance of UI/UX

An Example of a Bad UITechnology has become more complex, of that there is no argument. Even technology that prides itself on simplicity, in order to remain competitive and more fully featured, has become more complex (I'm looking at you, iPhone). There are no instruction manuals that come with computers anymore. Even power-users who have worked on their computers for decades still discover little short-cuts and features they never heard of.

As technology becomes more widespread, it reaches those who are increasingly less tech-savvy than the "early pioneers" who were the first to use it. Grandparents use smartphones. Third-world nations are getting laptops. On the surface, this is a great thing; we're bridging the 'digital divide.'

But the feat is ultimately useless if neither of those groups even knows how to use the new tech that's now in their hands.

What Grandma Taught Me About Content Writing

Einstein on Understanding

With notable exception, I look at the Web as a gathering of grandmothers. They come to my articles hoping to find something interesting, engaging, and relevant to read.

I can easily give them that. But the question is, will they stay to hear it? If their mind starts to wander half-way through my article, their mouse will soon follow, and then they'll have left my website entirely.

My articles are an explanation of some point I'm trying to make. I don't want a "That's nice, dearie." I want a "Oh, I get it now."

Because that latter reaction gets me a customer. The former will only get me a pat on the shoulder.

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