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Facebook's Risky Gambit

DislikeFacebook has made some pretty controversial changes as of late, and people are not happy about it.

No, this isn't about some other layout overhaul. In fact, the average user wouldn't even care about these changes. But businesses do.

Has Facebook taken another few steps to its own undoing? Is this a sign of their coming fall?

As MySpace and so many real-world corporations have plainly demonstrated; nobody is "too big to fail."

The Three Generations

Television back in the dayI wonder what it must have been like when television first came out. Obviously there were many who eagerly looked forward to it, and upon getting one for themselves, thoroughly enjoyed the heck out of it.

Losing it would have been akin to ripping out a good chunk of themselves. They believed that from this moment onward, television was now forever ingrained into the social consciousness and had impacted it like no other before it.

And they were right.

So now I wonder what it was like for those before television came out. Could they have ever imagined the world that followed? Would they see it as a good thing or a bad one? Certainly television had its critics and detractors when it first came out. And it still does, today.

And then I wonder about the generations who grew up with television simply as a matter of fact. It's always existed, and seems like it always will. There's nothing even scandalous or thought-provoking about it; it simply is a part of life at this point.

Oh wait, I don't have to think what it'd be like to be that generation. I'm already part of it.

Spoiler Alert!

#NBCFailIn honor of the Olympics I'm going to talk about how social media has been both a boon and a curse in covering the games.

Should we just get over ourselves? Or is this just the tip of something deeper?

Can We Blame Facebook?

The Seven Deadly WebsitesIt's no surprise that the social networking world can be a mean and spiteful place, just like how any large gathering of people can turn out that way.

There are vain and shallow people. Also some very dumb people, who love to revel in their reckless ignorance. For every funny status update or tweet, there are just as many if not more condemnations. For every kind comment, there's at least one smartass insult. For every wise kernel of wisdom, there's a braggart boasting about their day.

So are the various social networks to blame? Did they make us more shallow, vain, impatient, and judgemental?

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