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The Coming Borderlands

Apple vs. GoogleThe beauty of software-as-a-service (SaaS) was that it wasn't dependent on what operating system you used, or what software you had installed, or even what browser you preferred.

It was the power of a computer program accessed from the Web. Centralized, ultimately compatible with any user from any platform, requiring only a sufficiently capable online connection. Cloud computing in a whole other sense, indeed.

And yet, with so many cloud-based services being designed to work solely with sister applications, rising "walled gardens" loom over various proprietary environments. Yes I'm looking mostly at you two, Google and Apple.

Realizing Augmentality

AR iPhone AppAugmented reality (AR) is starting to creep its way into our daily lives. Apps on camera-equipped smartphones let us view the world with additional information at our fingertips; a plethora of metatags and tooltips readily displayed over live-action footage to make our perceived reality only more convenient.

It is an example of virtual reality made real; of the digital world overlapping real-life. The Tupac hologram at this year's Coachella concert and the Vocaloid sensation Miku in Japan are both examples of how something artificially constructed have performed in front of live audiences as a live attraction. Are they not AR, too?

At what point does AR stop being augmented and just become reality? And should this increasing blur between the digital overlaid and the physical be something of concern?

Computing Au Naturel

Tom Cruise - Minority ReportSmartphones and tablets have heralded the touch revolution. Computer mice and on-screen cursors are starting to feel antiquated. And yet there is a problem.

For all its expediency and efficiency, touch still runs mostly like a mouse cursor. So we added more contact-points: enter multi-touch. But now there's another problem, how do we plan out a schema that properly uses multiple touch points?

Well, there are different proposals for that. But perhaps the best answer is something completely different.

DNS Doomsday

The dread DNS ChangerSo that DNS Changer "doomsday" finally hit. The FBI took down the malicious redirect servers and as a consequence any machines still "infected and tied" to those servers would have found their Internet connections disabled.

So let's take stock of what happened on this doomsday.

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