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Having an online presence is important. But that doesn't mean anything is going to happen. Online success is a journey, and it's best to bring a guide.


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Social Media Optimization

The Social NetworkSocial media is a powerful tool, but like any other it has to be wielded thoughtfully for maximum effect. People should be able to find your social channels from your website, find your website from your social channels, and find your social channels from each other.

The importance of the Network

This creates a social cycle of increasing saturation. Or in other words, using social networks as breadcrumbs between each other and your website.

If someone finds your videos on YouTube they may decide to visit your Twitter Page. If they like what they read they may go to your Facebook Page. While there, they're guided towards viewing the entirety of your content on your website. Just like that you've gained an additional hit on your website, a Facebook Like, Twitter Follower, and YouTube Subscriber. Now the content that appears on your website, pushed towards your social outlets, also appears on their Facebook Wall, Twitter Feed, and YouTube Subscriptions.

It is imperative to get people from your website to your social outlets because that's where the sharing happens. Each time someone shares a piece of your content, that new viewer can go down the same road. View, Like, Follow, Subscribe, Share. Repeat.

People should be able to find your website from your "hooks," those social networks with baited content (such as videos). Meanwhile your website should act as a hub to the rest of your social outlets. This two-way traffic between them is crucial. The longer you can keep your audience within this "network" the longer you can sell them your brand, impart awareness, and increase turnovers/sales.

Which social network do you use?Making the network work for you

A thriving, healthy social networking presence does many things for you. It can...

  • serve as the perfect vehicle for a viral campaign
  • give your company a personal face, and people prefer dealing with people than big, faceless organizations
  • act as instant customer support
  • bring public relations into your own hands, besides your media portrayal

When in Rome

For better or worse, we are in a socially-connected world. It became social the moment Grandma and Grandpa joined Facebook. Social networks aren't just something the tech-savvy do; it is now something everyone does. Not everyone may use social media equally, but the Social Web has pervaded us at the cultural level. Marketable demographics spend much of their time there, and to be absent implies only the negative.

Securing your brand

Every company lives and dies on its brand. It is crucial to secure your brand's presence on popular social channels if for no other reason than to insure that others don't first. If someone else takes your company's name on Twitter or Facebook they can effectively masquerade as you. They may demand to be paid before relinquishing your name, or worse they could use it for nefarious ends.

Viral Engagement

Viral advertising is popular, and with good reason. But to be truly viral isn't just to advertise, which implies one-directional communication, but to engage. To react as the audience does, evolving as they receive your information and react to it.

Just what is "viral?"

To define something that has gone viral is to look for the stage when information self-replicates, or spreads from one person to another without the involvement of the initial progenitor. Like the flu virus that spreads far and away from its first host, a viral campaign trickles through an audience by the people themselves. Individuals want to share the viral entity (be it an ad, video, picture, website, or otherwise) because they feel compelled to.

So what makes something sharable? Usually it is something entertaining, but other times it can be something thought-provoking, useful, informative, or emotionally provocative.

Exponential Spread

Pandemic Power

The power of viral marketing is exponential. If a person sees your viral content and shares it with two friends, and if those two friends share it with two of their friends, and so on...that viral content has expanded its exposure incredibly fast and more importantly to a receptive audience. People don't share something to their friends if they knew they wouldn't enjoy it. It is an easy way to reach those targeted demographics.

Engage, don't just broadcast

But despite this relative ease of letting the audience do the heavy work of sharing for you, true viral marketing requires interaction on both sides. The audience shares, but in order to keep that audience hooked you must keep them engaged. This can either come from a carefully controlled stream of released content, answering questions, holding physical events, using multiple mediums (radio, TV, QR codes, print), or other strategies.

The key is to keep the audience mesmerized and following along as you discreetly leave the planned out breadcrumbs. This mystery can become viral in and of itself, as other people join into the following simply because they're intrigued by what everyone else is doing.

Viral engagement is storytelling; with pacing, upturns, and downturns. With a good sense of campaign leadership this form of marketing can accomplish huge things with far greater return on investment than simply broadcasting an ad across the globe.

Content Writing

Content is kingWhat is content?

What is a beautiful car without an engine? A showpiece, not an automobile. What is a stylish living room without furniture? A museum, not a home. What is an attractive person without personality? A bore.

Graphics and widgets impress, but content is why users truly come to your website. And content will determine if they bother to stick around or even come back. Without good, meaningful content a website, like any of the other above examples, is just a pretty novelty.

Content is whatever makes up the bulk of your site. It's why people should come to your website and care what's on it. Content can be the written word in the form of articles, blog postings, job listings, hotel openings, recipes, or comments. It can be photographs or pictures (as opposed to graphics). It can even be multimedia: videos, music, or animations. Whatever your content may be it must be present in force, and you must always remember its place: at the top.

Hail to the king

Good content doesn't just attract users. Search engine algorithms are constantly being tuned to read natural human language and understand it to better deliver accurate results. They're also being calibrated to ignore writing that's specifically written just to appeal to search spiders; incoherent sentences that are littered with prominent keywords that serve no other purpose than to achieve higher search rankings. This is spam, and it is a cheat. Search engines don't like to be cheated. They want actual, sincere content; anything else they will punish.

So writing good content appeals not just to attracting people, but search engines too.

The right words make all the difference

Forms of Content Writing

Paragraphs that consist solely of keywords that read like gibberish can be detected by search engines and flagged as spam. Natural, normal writing is good. Simple rules, but considering that spiders search words there still has to be a way of directly appealing to them, right?

Well no one ever said you can't put keywords in there at all.

Expert content writing isn't just about drafting articles that are sure to attract readers. It's also about working in keywords into that content, wherever relevant, to produce something that is engaging and desirable to people while also catching the attention of search engines. Good content writing works towards search engine marketing (SEM). Having content that pertains and relates to the keywords you're utilizing helps draw the search spiders and aids in site rankings.

It takes a skilled writer not only to make a well-written article, but one that also seamlessly incorporates keywords. It isn't just about the art of writing or the science of SEM. It takes an understanding of both.

Online Marketing & Advertising

hashtagfailRead instructions before use

While using the Web as a marketing tool may be initially exciting, ultimately it's just confusing. Any return on investment is indirect at best, unlikely at worst. In the end, because the Web isn't standardized any campaign on it will end up as too cumbersome and ineffective.

If you were to take the above paragraph, replace the words "Web" with "radio", "television," or "print" and ask any marketing experts if that was all still true, they'd shake their heads and laugh.

Why? Because that initial paragraph is an excuse for failure. A marketing campaign doesn't work because the medium was "wrong." It failed because it wasn't applied properly.

The other mediums have had decades for advertisers to figure out, through much trial-and-error, what works best and what doesn't. The Web as a new vehicle for marketing campaigns is still in its early stages and due to its rapidly changing nature could possibly always be in some new form of "early" stage.

The challenge then isn't to make a website or online-based campaign that works, but to understand what the Web fundamentally is and how it works — then make a campaign that best utilizes it.

The right tool, right time, right place

There are Google ads, Facebook Ads, sponsored Tweets, viral campaigns, and social media efforts. All useful, all necessary towards making an impact on the Web for your brand. But if misused, all equally useless. A Google ad works towards a specific end that a sponsored Tweet does not. A viral campaign is not the same thing as a Facebook advertisement, or even a call for "Likes." There is a time and place for a comments section on a website, and instances where having one would be disastrous.

All ad firms pride themselves on knowing their demographics. The specificity of the audience is key. But online this same narrow focus must be applied to deploying marketing tools as well. Securing a target audience is only half of the battle; knowing which stage of the campaign to show them is the other.

Finding the Right TargetKnow your target

Understanding the ebb and flow of the Web, and the why of the people on it, is what separates a successful marketing endeavor from a waste of time and money. The Web is not just a set of audiences divided into demographics. Internally those demographics change based on the priorities of the moment.

Someone looking to book a flight has different needs compared to catching up on their favorite blogs. Reading stocks online is entirely different than searching for recipes. Writing status updates on Facebook is a whole universe away from browsing photographs on Facebook. And this could all be from one person, happening throughout one afternoon of their day.

The Web, and its users, are constantly in flux. Marketing to them with a static and rigid advertising effort will be met with resistance or dismissal. Never before has precision been this crucial, and precision only comes from understanding.


Joomla! ...Because Open Source MattersWhat is Joomla?

Joomla! is an open-source content management system, or CMS. Or as we like to call it, a functional website in a box.

Compare making a website to making a car. Building a car from scratch requires a lot of expertise, time, and effort. Buying all the parts, assembling them yourself, troubleshooting issues that arise. The end result is something completely your own and outfitted to whatever extent you want. But unless you personally are a mechanical virtuoso, the final product probably isn't going to run very well. Or possibly blow up in your face. And even if it does work, if something breaks you have to fix it, because you're the only one who knows where everything inside goes.

Meanwhile buying a car off the dealer lot is quick, easy, and if there's a problem you bring it back to the dealer. But you must settle on what's available, and it's not completely unique.

Joomla! then is like a kit. Everything you need for the basics is provided; the rest is entirely up to you. Within a short amount of time you can have a simple car running, or take the time to make it as special as you want. There are modders all over the place making cool auxiliary parts. And if something breaks, there's a whole world of fellow hobbyists out there to consult.

It's like the best compromise between both worlds.

Learn more about Joomla! here

Joomla vs. Drupal vs. WordpressHow does it compare?

Joomla! delivers just enough complexity for larger projects and websites; more versatile than Wordpress while still more approachable than Drupal. Wordpress is popular for its ease of use, but can be sometimes too simplistic for certain needs.

For those looking for a bit more personal control, the Joomla! administrator back-end is easier to navigate and use than Drupal. Developers using Joomla! will discover a learning curve slightly steeper than Wordpress but still well below that needed for Drupal.

Stand on a solid platform

We like developing on content management systems like Joomla! because their base code is open-source, allowing for contributions and refinements by coders from all corners of the Internet. As the Web evolves, so does Joomla!. The core system consists of secure, valid code; allowing websites built on it to have good, solid foundations. Its browser-based control panel means changes can be made from anywhere, and users with varying levels of access permissions can add to the site 24/7. It's perfect for contributing authors, editors, and uploaders.

Joomla! sports a vast community of developers creating various extensions and plugins, meaning that nearly any bell and whistle you could want can be added to your site. With just as many customizable templates out there, there's no need to settle for anything less than the right look for your website.


WordpressWhat is Wordpress?

Like Joomla!, Wordpress is an open-source content management system. Chances are you've already visited many websites built on Wordpress, whether or not they were "just a blog" or a full-fledged website. Wordpress is one of the most popular CMS platforms in the world thanks to its ease of use and vast developer community.

Like other content management systems, Wordpress gives you a working, albeit very basic, website right out of the box. It's decent at the beginning...but everything you see runs properly, is built on validated code, and is immediately able to handle incoming users expecting to see a fully functioning website. But what makes Wordpress shine are the thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes with which you can personalize that basic starter site, giving it all the features you need.

While a complete overhaul and customization of any Wordpress site is no small task for even seasoned developers, almost anyone can create a basic website and launch it onto the Web all without touching a single line of code.

Learn more about Wordpress here

Comparing Content Management SystemsHow does it compare?

Wordpress is popular because it is so easy for people to use. Its myriad support plugins and widgets enable it to support advanced, complex features. Meanwhile it has incredibly intuitive back-end administrator controls, perfect for those wishing to avoid overly technical overlays and endless sub-menus.

We like Wordpress because of its comfortable and inviting nature, both under the hood and above. It's our "go-to" solution for those looking for a straightforward and easy-to-use website, especially for individuals who like to be hands-on but don't want to be up to their elbows in confusing techno-babble. Don't mistake it for overly simplistic though; even Fortune 500 companies and CNN are listed among Wordpress's many users.

Drupal has the most sophistication, but also holds the most steep learning curve for other sub-administrators to access. Joomla! has a bit more of a learning curve compared to Wordpress, but is still fairly intuitive once developers become accustomed to it.

Spend time developing, not just coding

The beauty of any content management system is the ability to launch a fully-functional website, and then customize it, all without having to rely on digging into the fundamental coding. And among the top three CMS platforms Wordpress undoubtedly shines. A website built on it is one anyone can control, which is especially important when there are more than one contributors.

Not everyone is technically-savvy, and it shouldn't take a coding engineer just to fix some paragraphs or add an image. That time can be better spent interacting with readers, generating fresh content, and devising the next big marketing push.

Best SEO Practices

SEO is misunderstood. SEO is not a lone switch that can be flipped on at any time. It isn't a single line of code that just magically makes your website appear #1 on search engines. Starting SEO the next day will not register thousands more hits later that week.

SEO is an ongoing, highly nuanced science that deals with probabilities and reacts with every fluctuation. SEO never ends, and it requires dedication. SEO is best reserved for specialists, individuals and companies who have made it their sole priority and commit themselves to its ongoing efforts.

Truly effective SEO belongs to those specialty firms. Consider them your heart surgeons and neurologists. But we're your general physician. We can tell you what's wrong and what needs to be examined, so you know exactly what to demand from your SEO specialists.

Google PageRankWhat is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of making your website(s) as attractive as possible to search engines in order to obtain higher rankings in search results. A simple enough premise. But search has greatly evolved and is no longer a simple matter. Search is no longer just type in keyword, show up on page one. Did you know that search results are...

  • filtered based on personal physical location, past search history, and social interests
  • change dynamically throughout the day, hourly if not sooner, due to popular search habits
  • differ in rankings depending on ads and other sponsored listings

SEO is not an guarantee. Implementing even basic-level practices will not make search engines discover your site, let alone put it on the first results page. But steps taken to optimize your website for search engines collectively help towards grabbing the attention of search spiders, and if they deem your site relevant enough to a particular search query will rank it as the algorithm sees fit.

And that's the issue. SEO is all about appeal...but the judges are algorithms, not people.

The Numbers Game

Heatmap on

The other, far more advanced side of SEO is analytics. Because so many minute factors can affect a site's visibility it is imperative to understand just what is causing either an increase or decrease in visiting traffic. In-depth tracking is crucial, and in order to stay abreast of fickle users and search engines the strategies that work one month may need to completely change the next.

The most effective SEO includes a lot of testing and feedback, from comparisons (A/B tests) to directly surveying visitors. All these trials lead to subtle refinements, from tweaking certain verbiage to moving entire portions of the layout, all to maximize traffic.

Defining that traffic is its own struggle. How many people visit a website during a seven-day span? How long did they stay on a particular page? Did they come from Google, Bing, or other websites? What country are they coming from? Which web browser did they use; and does a lack of users from a specific browser mean your website isn't displaying properly on it? How many hits are from actual different people on different occasions, or are they people who left and came back after only a minute?

These, and many more discerning questions, seem trivial but can actually mean a world of difference depending on your needs.

Just look up quantum mechanics

SEO, at its full glory and chaos, can be awfully confusing and bewildering to the uninitiated. Even to those who work in it, the ambiguity of definitions between metrics, services, and search engines can be convoluting at least, maddening at worst.

But ultimately all SEO comes down to increasing website visibility. All the metrics, techniques, and tricks lead towards this simple goal. Just like how at the end of the day particle physicists, for all their stupefying theories, only want to better understand how the world works.


The Web didn't make marketing success any easier, but it did make things incredibly faster and more efficient. Making an online splash takes careful management of powerful resources at your disposal. Individual things like SEO, social media, content management systems, and viral campaigns alone can seem excessive or cumbersome. Putting them together is even more of a challenge.

Your pieces may line up, but do they fit together? And are you achieving your goals as a result?

Do your puzzle pieces fit?Are you seeing the whole picture?

There are many specialists out there. Developers who breathe, eat, and sleep reciting code. Graphic designers who can draft together anything from the imagination. Analysts who can run numbers as well as any stock broker. Marketing veterans who can devise the most creative and addicting campaigns. Seasoned Facebookers and tweeters who know exactly how to milk each word in a status update.

But do they know how to work with other specialists? Do they know how their department is supposed to interact with others?

You may have the pieces, but are you seeing the picture? Or still gibberish?

We do

We know how SEO, SMO, SEM, viral ads, content writing, CMS platforms, and online marketing all work. And how they should be working together. We know the Web, so let us be your guide. Give us your pieces, and by the time we're done you'll be looking at a complete, cohesive picture.

Putting Together The Pieces of the Web


Our Clients

Click to open HomepageThe Audience was designed to serve three purposes and appeal to two distinct audiences.

This site functions as:

  1. A professional information and networking hub for members of the cinema and television industries, where they can connect and read pertinent technical articles in their field.
  2. An online coursebook and teaching resource for film and television students, both in Dr. Ginsburg's own classes and for other professors.
  3. The personal blog and repository of knowledge for Dr. Fred Ginsburg, C.A.S., where he can write editorials about the movie-making and television industries, and act as his primary publishing vehicle.

As such, targets both:

  • Working professionals in an established and highly technical industry
  • Uninitiated students and newcomers to the field

Forum on

The Content

The challenge lay in creating a website that was an in-depth trove of information (chiefly in the form of articles) while still acting dynamic enough to be used as more than simply a reference tool. Towards these ends a weekly blog was implemented to insure a constant stream of new content, as was an online forum which members can use to network with one another. Enrolled students can discuss amongst themselves, with their professor, or ask professionals. Meanwhile those professionals can converse and connect between each other, or pull potential interns from the pool of students.

Articles are broken up into manageable chunks at a time, with longer pieces organized into chapter-bound connected pieces. The site is also completely mobile-ready.

To better accommodate academic audiences an entire section of the website is devoted to college courses. A reading list compiled from all the available articles has been made for any professor to enlist so that they can thoroughly prime their students in the subject of production sound.

Articles on FilmTVsound.comThe Visuals

The visual design of FilmTVsound is meant to evoke a clean but industrious feel with its slate and graphite color scheme. Whites and light blues break up an otherwise somber tone, giving an overall professional aesthetic that the "pro's" expect and will impress the "newbies."

The Features

  • Paid membership subscription integrated with PayPal
  • Member-protected content
  • Member-protected downloads section
  • Online forum
  • Blog
  • Mobile layout
  • Font size controls
  • Optimized CSS and scripts

An online coursebook for students and professional subscribers alike. Features members-only content, forum, and download manager.

Last Laugh the Movie Website

LastLaughMovie.comThe Audience

This website was designed as the online home for the CSU Northridge 2012 senior thesis film, Last Laugh. While ultimately intended to be marketed across the Web as much as possible, its primary target consists of family members, classmates, and professors.

The site serves three functions:

  1. To provide information and background for the film project and its members
  2. To chronicle the progress of the film's creation and fundraising
  3. As a central hub for Last Laugh's various online marketing efforts

Videos section on

The Content

The movie runs along a wryly macabre line, and the writing of the website reflects that. The site's verbiage pulls its "voice" from that of the film's protagonist, a snarky but ingenious prankster.

Links abound to Facebook, Twitter, Kickstarter, and YouTube, while each social outlet has back-links to the website in turn. This helps to insure a "social cycle" that allows visitors to come to the main Last Laugh portal from any outside source, and then move onto other social services.

A blog, video section, and photo gallery provide an ongoing journal of the Last Laugh team's efforts, from pre-production to post. Biographies for the cast and crew provide a rich, personal background for the individuals behind the movie, while a synopsis summarizes the film's premise.

A special "Ask Jay" section consists of user-submitted questions to the movie's protagonist, where he reveals some of his best-made pranks and quicksilver wit. This insight into Jay's mind, along with his personal Twitter account, was meant to impress and endear him to visitors who would spread it virally, thus giving Last Laugh more exposure.

Blog Section on Last Laugh The Movie

The Visuals

Rather than go with a grim and somber motif (which would have sided with the funeral portions of the movie), or a goofy prankster theme (which would have worked with Jay's mischievous nature), both elements have been subdued to all but a subtle touch.

Jay the protagonist is a prankster of self-styled genius, so rather than use something garishly obvious the site design likewise dresses to the nines. The darker elements of the plot still come out in the site's dark blues and grays, while the orange trim belies the nefarious fun of Jay's character.

At first glance, everything appears neat, even formal...but reading the content text reveals something deviously sinful to enjoy.

The Features

  • Integration with Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Kickstarter
  • Video section
  • Photo galleries
  • Blog
  • Mobile layout
  • Optimized CSS and scripts

A dark yet sleek aesthetic combined with a grim wit, made for the short film Last Laugh (2012). HomepageThe Audience

The online home for, visitors to this site consist chiefly of corporate clientele seeking to advertise within this online publisher's magazines.

The site serves two distinct purposes:

  1. To provide information about - its services, rates, and company biography.
  2. To allow clients upload job postings, event listings, and submit articles directly for publication.

The Content

Like other corporate homepages, this site serves to deliver information as quickly and succinctly as possible, with multiple avenues of access. The informational aspect is clearly separated by menu categories for simplified browsing, while the functional aspect is front and center on the homepage for immediate access.

Typography on EqualityMagazines.comRepeat-visitors are likely existing clients who need to submit content and move onto other tasks, so the submission forms are clearly emphasized and prominent at the top. Prospective advertisers can access the company's background, services, and rates from the homepage, footer, and main menu. Multiple and redundant navigation options allow users to explore without needing to ever back-track.

While the text copy is kept brief, as much information as possible is conveyed in order to educate corporations about the legal and practical importance of minority recruiting. Graphical typography in the form of colored highlight boxes, unique bullets, and quotation boxes are used to call attention to key passages.

Contact submission forms allow prospective clients to reach and send information for posting. The submission forms are CAPTCHA-protected against spam submissions.

The Visuals

The red trim and orange hyperlinks add to a sense of urgency and alarm, encouraging visitors to learn where their own company's staffing may be lacking and why they need to pursue the services of The bold shades also provide a flourish against the stereotypical corporate homepage, making this site stand out from so many other subdued blue and gray business sites. The red also greatly complements the redesigned logo, sporting's original blue and green colors.

Publication Submissions on

Meanwhile the dark footer, sub-header, and white body help to alleviate the eyes from too much of the bolder tones, still keeping viewers within a professional landscape.

The Features

  • Upload and contact forms
  • Event calendar
  • Company blog
  • Mobile layout
  • Font size controls
  • Optimized CSS and scripts

Information meets functionality. This corporate homepage acts as both company bio and provides client services.

The Black Perspective Website

The Black Perspective HomepageThe Audience

The Black Perspective primarily caters to members of the African-American community, specifically (but not exclusively) to those looking for new jobs or careers.

Its mission is to provide news, information, benefits, and employment opportunities to this minority; all in one convenient and versatile website. It is also the home of The Black Perspective online magazine, which like the website also delivers pertinent articles and showcases companies looking to hire African-Americans.

The website is keenly focused on this particular demographic in order to better connect them with recruiting employers who advertise on the website and magazine.

The Content

Articles on The Black PerspectiveThe Black Perspective website can be broken down into three primary sections:

  • News & articles
  • Employment opportunities
  • Resources

Articles relevant to the interests of this specific demographic appear within the news section, blog, online magazine, and article categories. Employment opportunities are presented as specific job listings, employer banners, and a built-in career search engine. Among the resources available to users are an event calendar for upcoming job fairs and workshops, an affiliate network of endorsed aid programs and organizations, and training programs.

Of special importance are the employment opportunities. Every banner and job listing are from companies looking to specifically hire African-Americans. This, combined with the narrowed audience for this site, create a special environment of mutual benefit. Companies advertise exactly to the demographic they're looking for, and potential applicants can find employment from recruiters already eagerly looking for them.

The Visuals

The Black Perspective has a conservative but professional motif of white with gray lines. This gives it the slight essence of "old tyme newspaper" while still retaining a distinctly modern and sharp aesthetic. The orange trim nicely complements the orange hues of the logo, and provide valuable color to the otherwise restrained color scheme. The dark top menu and footer frame the web page and contribute to the motif, providing just enough contrast for the eye.

Overall the appearance is simple but professional, neither sliding into typical corporate blandness or gimmicky themes.

Career Search Engine on The Black PerspectiveThe Features

  • Embedded Issuu reader for online magazines
  • Career search engine
  • Article submission forms
  • Comment system
  • Sliding ad banners
  • Ad tracking
  • Events calendar
  • Resource links
  • Facebook integration
  • Blog
  • Mobile layout
  • Font size controls
  • Optimized CSS and scripts

Evocative of its namesake online magazine, and sporting a traditional but determined motif worthy of new business and professional culture.

Hispanic-Today Website

Hispanic-Today HomepageThe Audience

Similar to its sister site, Hispanic-Today instead targets the specific demographic of Hispanic-Americans. Likewise, it aims to especially assist individuals looking for new employment opportunities.

Visitors come to this site to find news, jobs, employers, and resources in their quest for new careers; and they keep coming back because it delivers.

The Content

Like its African-American counterpart, this website's content can be separated into three types:

Career Gallery on Hispanic-Today

  • News & articles
  • Employment opportunities
  • Resources

Informative, insightful, and useful articles are sequestered between the news, blog, online magazine, and article category sections; all of which directly reflect the needs and developments of the Hispanic-American community. Users have the option to browse employers and/or individual job listings. This gives them the freedom to find careers via specific company or specific industry. Lastly within the site's resources are an events calendar, affiliate network, and training leads.

The ad banners found throughout the site, and the job postings within the search engine, are all tailored specifically for the Hispanic community. Employers advertise on the site to proclaim their advocacy to Hispanic recruitment. Potential applicants can therefore find jobs oriented especially towards them, and companies receive the exact demographics they want.

The Visuals

The Hispanic-Today carries on the same professional motifs as The Black Perspective. The most notable difference is its green accents, harkening to the colorful traditions of its target audience. The green helps to interrupt the straightforward white body, which otherwise still upholds the modernistic "newspaper" essence. The dark navigation bar and footer still frame the overall simple yet elegant nature of the web page.

While not as garishly colorful as it could be, the Hispanic-Today presents itself with a business-first demeanor whose accents still uphold its rich culture.

Job Fair Calendar on Hispanic-TodayThe Features

  • Embedded Issuu reader for online magazines
  • Career search engine
  • Article submission forms
  • Comment system
  • Sliding ad banners
  • Ad tracking
  • Events calendar
  • Resource links
  • Facebook integration
  • Blog
  • Mobile layout
  • Font size controls
  • Optimized CSS and scripts

Modeled after its sister site but oriented towards another audience, carrying the same ambition while serving specific content for a specific demographic.

Veterans Enterprise Website

Veterans Enterprise HomepageThe Audience

The Veterans Enterprise website is specifically targeted towards military veterans who are looking to return to the civilian workplace.

Soldiers find themselves in a greatly routine and regular lifestyle with almost all of their basic needs met while in service. Upon finishing their time in the armed forces many find great difficulty readjusting to a normal way of life, one that isn't as regimented or provided to them. Some veterans simply can't find the motivation to integrate themselves back into ordinary society after the harsh conditions and experiences of warfare.

This website and online magazine strive to help these servicemen and women through providing as much utility as possible in one convenient place. Ambitious individuals will find information and content designed not just to help them adjust, but thrive and succeed by venturing into their own entrepreneurial pursuits.

The Content

Article on Veterans Enterprise HomepageThe website can be broken down into three primary components:

  • Information
  • Employment opportunities
  • Resources

Information is found in the form of articles, news & developments, the online magazine, and the site blog. These articles provide insightful advice, inspiration, and help keep readers aware of current developments pertaining to veterans. This can range from helping them adjust in their transition to starting new business avenues of their own. Press releases from the Office of Veterans Affairs, the U.S. Department of Labor, and the White House serve to inform veterans of the latest developments in federal programs and initiatives.

Employment opportunities consist of access to companies and individual job listings specifically available to former military applicants. Furthermore, the ad banners found throughout the website display companies who actively recruit former soldiers. This serves to direct veterans to companies who are more likely to hire them, all while delivering the exact demographics desired by those companies.

Resources include an events calendar, search widgets, and a link network to over a dozen organizations created to aid veterans. Many of these groups are part of existing federal programs, non-profit endeavors, or private groups or firms that exist simply to help our former soldiers.

The Visuals

Because of the nature of its audience the website is oriented towards a more squared and straightforward design. The blues, whites, and grays are reminiscent of service color schemes, and the sharp edges denote a "no-nonsense" aesthetic that feels more aligned to mindsets fresh from the military.

There is specifically no use of the stereotypical camouflage tones. While the site's colors and motifs cater along a soldier's tastes, the intent was not to be a "soldier website." The viewers are former soldiers hoping to use their training and experience to further them in the workforce. Therefore the website was meant to convey the entrepreneur, the enterprise, the professional...not the grunt, the flyboy, or the jarhead. The website, in design and in verbiage, assumes its readers to be highly trained and specialized individuals now looking for a new career.

Widget on Veterans EnterpriseThe Veterans Enterprise is not so much to help veterans recover from a fallback, but to reinforce them on a new front.

The Features

  • Embedded Issuu reader for online magazines
  • Career search engine
  • Article submission forms
  • Comment system
  • Sliding ad banners
  • Ad tracking
  • Events calendar
  • Resource links
  • Facebook integration
  • Embedded widgets
  • Blog
  • Mobile layout
  • Font size controls
  • Optimized CSS and scripts

A stoic militaristic front combined with sleek entrepreneurial spirit. Geared towards providing veterans with the tools needed to start in new civilian industries.


Women In Business & Industry website

Women In Business & Industry HomepageThe Audience

This website is aimed towards working women, ranging from mothers to corporate CEOs. Women, despite making up the half of any population, are still receiving unequal treatment and payment in the workplace.

Women In Business & Industry highlights the accomplishments of successful women, recognizes the issues still present that they must overcome, and is sensitive to their lifestyle needs.

The Content

Blog on Women In Business & IndustryThere are three major components to the website:

  • News & information
  • Employment opportunities
  • Resources

Visitors will find numerous articles concerning the latest developments and corporate trends, topics covering various relevant subject matter, an editorial blog, and the online magazine. There women can learn, stay informed, and read useful tips for both finding new careers and balancing home & work.

They will also be able to browse through the latest job postings, ranging from entry-level to executive. There is also a gallery of equal-opportunity endorsing companies that are looking to specifically hire women.

Among the resources readers can use are an events calendar, showing job fairs and workshops across the country; a hub of working women-oriented support groups and institutions; and training programs.

Lastly, the ad banners found across the website and online magazine all link to companies that actively recruit female applicants, allowing women to find new jobs while simultaneously letting companies fill their open positions.

The Visuals

While not exactly catering to "fashionistas" there's definitely style on Women In Business & Industry. Sliding image galleries, headlines, and news articles give a dynamic and constantly fresh face to the homepage. Pink, red, and purple shades in addition to circles and curves appeal to many feminine aesthetics while not coming across as too "girly." Black lines on a white body background, combined with a thicker, fuller serif typography all contribute to the vogue motif.

Online Magazine Archive on Women In Business & IndustryOverall the website still retains its professional and enterprising nature, and its content puts all that upfront. But at the same time it's not just your typically straightforward, crisply neat business page. Corporate women are entrepreneurs, but they're also women, too.

The Features

  • Embedded Issuu reader for online magazines
  • Career search engine
  • Article submission forms
  • Comment system
  • Sliding ad banners
  • Ad tracking
  • Events calendar
  • Resource links
  • Facebook integration
  • Blog
  • Mobile layout
  • Font size controls
  • Optimized CSS and scripts

A fashionable and stylish decor that still demands professional respect. Designed for the corporate woman or anyone looking to start new enterprises.


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