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WordpressWhat is Wordpress?

Like Joomla!, Wordpress is an open-source content management system. Chances are you've already visited many websites built on Wordpress, whether or not they were "just a blog" or a full-fledged website. Wordpress is one of the most popular CMS platforms in the world thanks to its ease of use and vast developer community.

Like other content management systems, Wordpress gives you a working, albeit very basic, website right out of the box. It's decent at the beginning...but everything you see runs properly, is built on validated code, and is immediately able to handle incoming users expecting to see a fully functioning website. But what makes Wordpress shine are the thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes with which you can personalize that basic starter site, giving it all the features you need.

While a complete overhaul and customization of any Wordpress site is no small task for even seasoned developers, almost anyone can create a basic website and launch it onto the Web all without touching a single line of code.

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Comparing Content Management SystemsHow does it compare?

Wordpress is popular because it is so easy for people to use. Its myriad support plugins and widgets enable it to support advanced, complex features. Meanwhile it has incredibly intuitive back-end administrator controls, perfect for those wishing to avoid overly technical overlays and endless sub-menus.

We like Wordpress because of its comfortable and inviting nature, both under the hood and above. It's our "go-to" solution for those looking for a straightforward and easy-to-use website, especially for individuals who like to be hands-on but don't want to be up to their elbows in confusing techno-babble. Don't mistake it for overly simplistic though; even Fortune 500 companies and CNN are listed among Wordpress's many users.

Drupal has the most sophistication, but also holds the most steep learning curve for other sub-administrators to access. Joomla! has a bit more of a learning curve compared to Wordpress, but is still fairly intuitive once developers become accustomed to it.

Spend time developing, not just coding

The beauty of any content management system is the ability to launch a fully-functional website, and then customize it, all without having to rely on digging into the fundamental coding. And among the top three CMS platforms Wordpress undoubtedly shines. A website built on it is one anyone can control, which is especially important when there are more than one contributors.

Not everyone is technically-savvy, and it shouldn't take a coding engineer just to fix some paragraphs or add an image. That time can be better spent interacting with readers, generating fresh content, and devising the next big marketing push.

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