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Women In Business & Industry

Women In Business & Industry HomepageThe Audience

This website is aimed towards working women, ranging from mothers to corporate CEOs. Women, despite making up the half of any population, are still receiving unequal treatment and payment in the workplace.

Women In Business & Industry highlights the accomplishments of successful women, recognizes the issues still present that they must overcome, and is sensitive to their lifestyle needs.

The Content

Blog on Women In Business & IndustryThere are three major components to the website:

  • News & information
  • Employment opportunities
  • Resources

Visitors will find numerous articles concerning the latest developments and corporate trends, topics covering various relevant subject matter, an editorial blog, and the online magazine. There women can learn, stay informed, and read useful tips for both finding new careers and balancing home & work.

They will also be able to browse through the latest job postings, ranging from entry-level to executive. There is also a gallery of equal-opportunity endorsing companies that are looking to specifically hire women.

Among the resources readers can use are an events calendar, showing job fairs and workshops across the country; a hub of working women-oriented support groups and institutions; and training programs.

Lastly, the ad banners found across the website and online magazine all link to companies that actively recruit female applicants, allowing women to find new jobs while simultaneously letting companies fill their open positions.

The Visuals

While not exactly catering to "fashionistas" there's definitely style on Women In Business & Industry. Sliding image galleries, headlines, and news articles give a dynamic and constantly fresh face to the homepage. Pink, red, and purple shades in addition to circles and curves appeal to many feminine aesthetics while not coming across as too "girly." Black lines on a white body background, combined with a thicker, fuller serif typography all contribute to the vogue motif.

Online Magazine Archive on Women In Business & IndustryOverall the website still retains its professional and enterprising nature, and its content puts all that upfront. But at the same time it's not just your typically straightforward, crisply neat business page. Corporate women are entrepreneurs, but they're also women, too.

The Features

  • Embedded Issuu reader for online magazines
  • Career search engine
  • Article submission forms
  • Comment system
  • Sliding ad banners
  • Ad tracking
  • Events calendar
  • Resource links
  • Facebook integration
  • Blog
  • Mobile layout
  • Font size controls
  • Optimized CSS and scripts
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