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Veterans Enterprise

Veterans Enterprise HomepageThe Audience

The Veterans Enterprise website is specifically targeted towards military veterans who are looking to return to the civilian workplace.

Soldiers find themselves in a greatly routine and regular lifestyle with almost all of their basic needs met while in service. Upon finishing their time in the armed forces many find great difficulty readjusting to a normal way of life, one that isn't as regimented or provided to them. Some veterans simply can't find the motivation to integrate themselves back into ordinary society after the harsh conditions and experiences of warfare.

This website and online magazine strive to help these servicemen and women through providing as much utility as possible in one convenient place. Ambitious individuals will find information and content designed not just to help them adjust, but thrive and succeed by venturing into their own entrepreneurial pursuits.

The Content

Article on Veterans Enterprise HomepageThe website can be broken down into three primary components:

  • Information
  • Employment opportunities
  • Resources

Information is found in the form of articles, news & developments, the online magazine, and the site blog. These articles provide insightful advice, inspiration, and help keep readers aware of current developments pertaining to veterans. This can range from helping them adjust in their transition to starting new business avenues of their own. Press releases from the Office of Veterans Affairs, the U.S. Department of Labor, and the White House serve to inform veterans of the latest developments in federal programs and initiatives.

Employment opportunities consist of access to companies and individual job listings specifically available to former military applicants. Furthermore, the ad banners found throughout the website display companies who actively recruit former soldiers. This serves to direct veterans to companies who are more likely to hire them, all while delivering the exact demographics desired by those companies.

Resources include an events calendar, search widgets, and a link network to over a dozen organizations created to aid veterans. Many of these groups are part of existing federal programs, non-profit endeavors, or private groups or firms that exist simply to help our former soldiers.

The Visuals

Because of the nature of its audience the website is oriented towards a more squared and straightforward design. The blues, whites, and grays are reminiscent of service color schemes, and the sharp edges denote a "no-nonsense" aesthetic that feels more aligned to mindsets fresh from the military.

There is specifically no use of the stereotypical camouflage tones. While the site's colors and motifs cater along a soldier's tastes, the intent was not to be a "soldier website." The viewers are former soldiers hoping to use their training and experience to further them in the workforce. Therefore the website was meant to convey the entrepreneur, the enterprise, the professional...not the grunt, the flyboy, or the jarhead. The website, in design and in verbiage, assumes its readers to be highly trained and specialized individuals now looking for a new career.

Widget on Veterans EnterpriseThe Veterans Enterprise is not so much to help veterans recover from a fallback, but to reinforce them on a new front.

The Features

  • Embedded Issuu reader for online magazines
  • Career search engine
  • Article submission forms
  • Comment system
  • Sliding ad banners
  • Ad tracking
  • Events calendar
  • Resource links
  • Facebook integration
  • Embedded widgets
  • Blog
  • Mobile layout
  • Font size controls
  • Optimized CSS and scripts
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