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Social Media Optimization

The Social NetworkSocial media is a powerful tool, but like any other it has to be wielded thoughtfully for maximum effect. People should be able to find your social channels from your website, find your website from your social channels, and find your social channels from each other.

The importance of the Network

This creates a social cycle of increasing saturation. Or in other words, using social networks as breadcrumbs between each other and your website.

If someone finds your videos on YouTube they may decide to visit your Twitter Page. If they like what they read they may go to your Facebook Page. While there, they're guided towards viewing the entirety of your content on your website. Just like that you've gained an additional hit on your website, a Facebook Like, Twitter Follower, and YouTube Subscriber. Now the content that appears on your website, pushed towards your social outlets, also appears on their Facebook Wall, Twitter Feed, and YouTube Subscriptions.

It is imperative to get people from your website to your social outlets because that's where the sharing happens. Each time someone shares a piece of your content, that new viewer can go down the same road. View, Like, Follow, Subscribe, Share. Repeat.

People should be able to find your website from your "hooks," those social networks with baited content (such as videos). Meanwhile your website should act as a hub to the rest of your social outlets. This two-way traffic between them is crucial. The longer you can keep your audience within this "network" the longer you can sell them your brand, impart awareness, and increase turnovers/sales.

Which social network do you use?Making the network work for you

A thriving, healthy social networking presence does many things for you. It can...

  • serve as the perfect vehicle for a viral campaign
  • give your company a personal face, and people prefer dealing with people than big, faceless organizations
  • act as instant customer support
  • bring public relations into your own hands, besides your media portrayal

When in Rome

For better or worse, we are in a socially-connected world. It became social the moment Grandma and Grandpa joined Facebook. Social networks aren't just something the tech-savvy do; it is now something everyone does. Not everyone may use social media equally, but the Social Web has pervaded us at the cultural level. Marketable demographics spend much of their time there, and to be absent implies only the negative.

Securing your brand

Every company lives and dies on its brand. It is crucial to secure your brand's presence on popular social channels if for no other reason than to insure that others don't first. If someone else takes your company's name on Twitter or Facebook they can effectively masquerade as you. They may demand to be paid before relinquishing your name, or worse they could use it for nefarious ends.

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