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Last Laugh the Movie

LastLaughMovie.comThe Audience

This website was designed as the online home for the CSU Northridge 2012 senior thesis film, Last Laugh. While ultimately intended to be marketed across the Web as much as possible, its primary target consists of family members, classmates, and professors.

The site serves three functions:

  1. To provide information and background for the film project and its members
  2. To chronicle the progress of the film's creation and fundraising
  3. As a central hub for Last Laugh's various online marketing efforts

Videos section on

The Content

The movie runs along a wryly macabre line, and the writing of the website reflects that. The site's verbiage pulls its "voice" from that of the film's protagonist, a snarky but ingenious prankster.

Links abound to Facebook, Twitter, Kickstarter, and YouTube, while each social outlet has back-links to the website in turn. This helps to insure a "social cycle" that allows visitors to come to the main Last Laugh portal from any outside source, and then move onto other social services.

A blog, video section, and photo gallery provide an ongoing journal of the Last Laugh team's efforts, from pre-production to post. Biographies for the cast and crew provide a rich, personal background for the individuals behind the movie, while a synopsis summarizes the film's premise.

A special "Ask Jay" section consists of user-submitted questions to the movie's protagonist, where he reveals some of his best-made pranks and quicksilver wit. This insight into Jay's mind, along with his personal Twitter account, was meant to impress and endear him to visitors who would spread it virally, thus giving Last Laugh more exposure.

Blog Section on Last Laugh The Movie

The Visuals

Rather than go with a grim and somber motif (which would have sided with the funeral portions of the movie), or a goofy prankster theme (which would have worked with Jay's mischievous nature), both elements have been subdued to all but a subtle touch.

Jay the protagonist is a prankster of self-styled genius, so rather than use something garishly obvious the site design likewise dresses to the nines. The darker elements of the plot still come out in the site's dark blues and grays, while the orange trim belies the nefarious fun of Jay's character.

At first glance, everything appears neat, even formal...but reading the content text reveals something deviously sinful to enjoy.

The Features

  • Integration with Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Kickstarter
  • Video section
  • Photo galleries
  • Blog
  • Mobile layout
  • Optimized CSS and scripts
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