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Joomla! ...Because Open Source MattersWhat is Joomla?

Joomla! is an open-source content management system, or CMS. Or as we like to call it, a functional website in a box.

Compare making a website to making a car. Building a car from scratch requires a lot of expertise, time, and effort. Buying all the parts, assembling them yourself, troubleshooting issues that arise. The end result is something completely your own and outfitted to whatever extent you want. But unless you personally are a mechanical virtuoso, the final product probably isn't going to run very well. Or possibly blow up in your face. And even if it does work, if something breaks you have to fix it, because you're the only one who knows where everything inside goes.

Meanwhile buying a car off the dealer lot is quick, easy, and if there's a problem you bring it back to the dealer. But you must settle on what's available, and it's not completely unique.

Joomla! then is like a kit. Everything you need for the basics is provided; the rest is entirely up to you. Within a short amount of time you can have a simple car running, or take the time to make it as special as you want. There are modders all over the place making cool auxiliary parts. And if something breaks, there's a whole world of fellow hobbyists out there to consult.

It's like the best compromise between both worlds.

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Joomla vs. Drupal vs. WordpressHow does it compare?

Joomla! delivers just enough complexity for larger projects and websites; more versatile than Wordpress while still more approachable than Drupal. Wordpress is popular for its ease of use, but can be sometimes too simplistic for certain needs.

For those looking for a bit more personal control, the Joomla! administrator back-end is easier to navigate and use than Drupal. Developers using Joomla! will discover a learning curve slightly steeper than Wordpress but still well below that needed for Drupal.

Stand on a solid platform

We like developing on content management systems like Joomla! because their base code is open-source, allowing for contributions and refinements by coders from all corners of the Internet. As the Web evolves, so does Joomla!. The core system consists of secure, valid code; allowing websites built on it to have good, solid foundations. Its browser-based control panel means changes can be made from anywhere, and users with varying levels of access permissions can add to the site 24/7. It's perfect for contributing authors, editors, and uploaders.

Joomla! sports a vast community of developers creating various extensions and plugins, meaning that nearly any bell and whistle you could want can be added to your site. With just as many customizable templates out there, there's no need to settle for anything less than the right look for your website.

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