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Hispanic-Today HomepageThe Audience

Similar to its sister site, Hispanic-Today instead targets the specific demographic of Hispanic-Americans. Likewise, it aims to especially assist individuals looking for new employment opportunities.

Visitors come to this site to find news, jobs, employers, and resources in their quest for new careers; and they keep coming back because it delivers.

The Content

Like its African-American counterpart, this website's content can be separated into three types:

Career Gallery on Hispanic-Today

  • News & articles
  • Employment opportunities
  • Resources

Informative, insightful, and useful articles are sequestered between the news, blog, online magazine, and article category sections; all of which directly reflect the needs and developments of the Hispanic-American community. Users have the option to browse employers and/or individual job listings. This gives them the freedom to find careers via specific company or specific industry. Lastly within the site's resources are an events calendar, affiliate network, and training leads.

The ad banners found throughout the site, and the job postings within the search engine, are all tailored specifically for the Hispanic community. Employers advertise on the site to proclaim their advocacy to Hispanic recruitment. Potential applicants can therefore find jobs oriented especially towards them, and companies receive the exact demographics they want.

The Visuals

The Hispanic-Today carries on the same professional motifs as The Black Perspective. The most notable difference is its green accents, harkening to the colorful traditions of its target audience. The green helps to interrupt the straightforward white body, which otherwise still upholds the modernistic "newspaper" essence. The dark navigation bar and footer still frame the overall simple yet elegant nature of the web page.

While not as garishly colorful as it could be, the Hispanic-Today presents itself with a business-first demeanor whose accents still uphold its rich culture.

Job Fair Calendar on Hispanic-TodayThe Features

  • Embedded Issuu reader for online magazines
  • Career search engine
  • Article submission forms
  • Comment system
  • Sliding ad banners
  • Ad tracking
  • Events calendar
  • Resource links
  • Facebook integration
  • Blog
  • Mobile layout
  • Font size controls
  • Optimized CSS and scripts
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