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FilmTVsound HomepageThe Audience was designed to serve three purposes and appeal to two distinct audiences.

This site functions as:

  1. A professional information and networking hub for members of the cinema and television industries, where they can connect and read pertinent technical articles in their field.
  2. An online coursebook and teaching resource for film and television students, both in Dr. Ginsburg's own classes and for other professors.
  3. The personal blog and repository of knowledge for Dr. Fred Ginsburg, C.A.S., where he can write editorials about the movie-making and television industries, and act as his primary publishing vehicle.

As such, targets both:

  • Working professionals in an established and highly technical industry
  • Uninitiated students and newcomers to the field

Forum on

The Content

The challenge lay in creating a website that was an in-depth trove of information (chiefly in the form of articles) while still acting dynamic enough to be used as more than simply a reference tool. Towards these ends a weekly blog was implemented to insure a constant stream of new content, as was an online forum which members can use to network with one another. Enrolled students can discuss amongst themselves, with their professor, or ask professionals. Meanwhile those professionals can converse and connect between each other, or pull potential interns from the pool of students.

Articles are broken up into manageable chunks at a time, with longer pieces organized into chapter-bound connected pieces. The site is also completely mobile-ready.

To better accommodate academic audiences an entire section of the website is devoted to college courses. A reading list compiled from all the available articles has been made for any professor to enlist so that they can thoroughly prime their students in the subject of production sound.

Articles on FilmTVsound.comThe Visuals

The visual design of FilmTVsound is meant to evoke a clean but industrious feel with its slate and graphite color scheme. Whites and light blues break up an otherwise somber tone, giving an overall professional aesthetic that the "pro's" expect and will impress the "newbies."

The Features

  • Paid membership subscription integrated with PayPal
  • Member-protected content
  • Member-protected downloads section
  • Online forum
  • Blog
  • Mobile layout
  • Font size controls
  • Optimized CSS and scripts
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