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Equality HomepageThe Audience

The online home for, visitors to this site consist chiefly of corporate clientele seeking to advertise within this online publisher's magazines.

The site serves two distinct purposes:

  1. To provide information about - its services, rates, and company biography.
  2. To allow clients upload job postings, event listings, and submit articles directly for publication.

The Content

Like other corporate homepages, this site serves to deliver information as quickly and succinctly as possible, with multiple avenues of access. The informational aspect is clearly separated by menu categories for simplified browsing, while the functional aspect is front and center on the homepage for immediate access.

Typography on EqualityMagazines.comRepeat-visitors are likely existing clients who need to submit content and move onto other tasks, so the submission forms are clearly emphasized and prominent at the top. Prospective advertisers can access the company's background, services, and rates from the homepage, footer, and main menu. Multiple and redundant navigation options allow users to explore without needing to ever back-track.

While the text copy is kept brief, as much information as possible is conveyed in order to educate corporations about the legal and practical importance of minority recruiting. Graphical typography in the form of colored highlight boxes, unique bullets, and quotation boxes are used to call attention to key passages.

Contact submission forms allow prospective clients to reach and send information for posting. The submission forms are CAPTCHA-protected against spam submissions.

The Visuals

The red trim and orange hyperlinks add to a sense of urgency and alarm, encouraging visitors to learn where their own company's staffing may be lacking and why they need to pursue the services of The bold shades also provide a flourish against the stereotypical corporate homepage, making this site stand out from so many other subdued blue and gray business sites. The red also greatly complements the redesigned logo, sporting's original blue and green colors.

Publication Submissions on

Meanwhile the dark footer, sub-header, and white body help to alleviate the eyes from too much of the bolder tones, still keeping viewers within a professional landscape.

The Features

  • Upload and contact forms
  • Event calendar
  • Company blog
  • Mobile layout
  • Font size controls
  • Optimized CSS and scripts
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