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Content Writing

Content is kingWhat is content?

What is a beautiful car without an engine? A showpiece, not an automobile. What is a stylish living room without furniture? A museum, not a home. What is an attractive person without personality? A bore.

Graphics and widgets impress, but content is why users truly come to your website. And content will determine if they bother to stick around or even come back. Without good, meaningful content a website, like any of the other above examples, is just a pretty novelty.

Content is whatever makes up the bulk of your site. It's why people should come to your website and care what's on it. Content can be the written word in the form of articles, blog postings, job listings, hotel openings, recipes, or comments. It can be photographs or pictures (as opposed to graphics). It can even be multimedia: videos, music, or animations. Whatever your content may be it must be present in force, and you must always remember its place: at the top.

Hail to the king

Good content doesn't just attract users. Search engine algorithms are constantly being tuned to read natural human language and understand it to better deliver accurate results. They're also being calibrated to ignore writing that's specifically written just to appeal to search spiders; incoherent sentences that are littered with prominent keywords that serve no other purpose than to achieve higher search rankings. This is spam, and it is a cheat. Search engines don't like to be cheated. They want actual, sincere content; anything else they will punish.

So writing good content appeals not just to attracting people, but search engines too.

The right words make all the difference

Forms of Content Writing

Paragraphs that consist solely of keywords that read like gibberish can be detected by search engines and flagged as spam. Natural, normal writing is good. Simple rules, but considering that spiders search words there still has to be a way of directly appealing to them, right?

Well no one ever said you can't put keywords in there at all.

Expert content writing isn't just about drafting articles that are sure to attract readers. It's also about working in keywords into that content, wherever relevant, to produce something that is engaging and desirable to people while also catching the attention of search engines. Good content writing works towards search engine marketing (SEM). Having content that pertains and relates to the keywords you're utilizing helps draw the search spiders and aids in site rankings.

It takes a skilled writer not only to make a well-written article, but one that also seamlessly incorporates keywords. It isn't just about the art of writing or the science of SEM. It takes an understanding of both.

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