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The Black Perspective

The Black Perspective HomepageThe Audience

The Black Perspective primarily caters to members of the African-American community, specifically (but not exclusively) to those looking for new jobs or careers.

Its mission is to provide news, information, benefits, and employment opportunities to this minority; all in one convenient and versatile website. It is also the home of The Black Perspective online magazine, which like the website also delivers pertinent articles and showcases companies looking to hire African-Americans.

The website is keenly focused on this particular demographic in order to better connect them with recruiting employers who advertise on the website and magazine.

The Content

Articles on The Black PerspectiveThe Black Perspective website can be broken down into three primary sections:

  • News & articles
  • Employment opportunities
  • Resources

Articles relevant to the interests of this specific demographic appear within the news section, blog, online magazine, and article categories. Employment opportunities are presented as specific job listings, employer banners, and a built-in career search engine. Among the resources available to users are an event calendar for upcoming job fairs and workshops, an affiliate network of endorsed aid programs and organizations, and training programs.

Of special importance are the employment opportunities. Every banner and job listing are from companies looking to specifically hire African-Americans. This, combined with the narrowed audience for this site, create a special environment of mutual benefit. Companies advertise exactly to the demographic they're looking for, and potential applicants can find employment from recruiters already eagerly looking for them.

The Visuals

The Black Perspective has a conservative but professional motif of white with gray lines. This gives it the slight essence of "old tyme newspaper" while still retaining a distinctly modern and sharp aesthetic. The orange trim nicely complements the orange hues of the logo, and provide valuable color to the otherwise restrained color scheme. The dark top menu and footer frame the web page and contribute to the motif, providing just enough contrast for the eye.

Overall the appearance is simple but professional, neither sliding into typical corporate blandness or gimmicky themes.

Career Search Engine on The Black PerspectiveThe Features

  • Embedded Issuu reader for online magazines
  • Career search engine
  • Article submission forms
  • Comment system
  • Sliding ad banners
  • Ad tracking
  • Events calendar
  • Resource links
  • Facebook integration
  • Blog
  • Mobile layout
  • Font size controls
  • Optimized CSS and scripts
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